Use Cases

Autonomy can be used to do things in the future under a/some condition(s). They could be one-time actions, or recurring actions:
  • trading on AMMs like Uniswap
    • limit orders - executing a trade once the price has gone above/below a specific value
    • stop losses - market buy/sell once the price has gone above/below a specific value
    • exit liquidity positions to avoid impermanent loss when it becomes too great
  • sending a payment(s) that's recurring for a salary/subscription in a way that doesn't require you to deposit everything upfront, but rather gets taken out your wallet directly every month
  • automatically repaying/self-liquidating borrowed/leveraged positions to avoid high (12%+) liquidation fees on platforms like MakerDAO/Compound/Kashi etc. when you get close to the liquidation threshold
  • automatically moving liquidity between yield farms/lending platforms every time the yield becomes better elsewhere
  • make a contract fully autonomous, with legal rights and the ability to enact those rights off-chain, by setting it up with funds in a single transaction such that it can create its own transactions in the future, many times, based on its own decisions from arbitrary on-chain inputs
  • automatically manage a portfolio or a DAO's treasury funds
  • sending a transaction once the gas price is below some value
  • execute a given trading strategy, such as dollar cost averaging
  • execute a given LP strategy, such as being fully hedged like AutoHedge